SEASTARS Aquatics is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and fostering the success and growth of children who are economically, physically or mentally challenged by providing individualized attention as a part of a structured competitive swim team program. We accomplish this in many ways, but one of our favorite’s is the swim lessons we provide.

Swim lessons can start as soon as a child can hold their head up on their own. SEASTARS swimming lessons are all fun and fear free, as well as open to all age groups and abilities. Swim lessons start at $125 for a set of four lessons spread out however you would like. Please visit our swim lesson page for more information about them and the wonderful instructor that teach!

Swim team programs span grades 1-12, with performance-appropriate curriculum designed to teach the skills necessary to prepare swimmers for key competitions, as well as personal responsibility. Within each program, SEASTARS educates swimmers on issues such as proper nutrition, healthy lifestyles, the negative effects of drug use, as well as interacting with people who are different from them ethnically and/or neurologically. All programs are designed to keep the coach/swimmer ratio at a minimum.

SEASTARS is offered as a year-round United States swim team and mentoring program. The team practices are held at The Salvation Army, North “Q” St., Pensacola and any child who can provide proof of governmental financial assistance, or proof of a neurological/physical disability is eligible to participate, as long as they pass the swim test. We provide swim team swim tests every Wednesday at 4:45 pm at the address above; the same pool that practice will take place.



SEASTARS Swim team programs span grades 1-12, with performance-appropriate curriculum designed to teach the skills necessary to prepare swimmers for key competitions, as well as personal responsibility.

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SEASTARS Aquatics offers four instruction levels to help children benefit from water safety. Private and Semi-private Swimming Lessons are available. All ages and abilities welcome!

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Swimmer of the Week

This week's Swimmer of the Week is Eris! Eris was with us a few years ago and had decided to return this summer! We could not be happier to have her swimming with us again! Way to go, Eris!

2024 SEASTARS Schedule


Goggles for Guppies

Goggles for guppies is an amazing program that sends suits, goggles, and caps to programs who help serve Disability and Low Income Swimmers. It's a perfect fit and we just got our box of 25 new goggles to help with our incentive program for the SEASTARS Swimmers....

Jawone Blankenship

Seastars is so beyond proud of DD!  Jawone Fieles Blankenship started swimming with us when he was 11. His path had lots of ups and downs, but he was one of my few to make Southeastern cuts when the team was young,  He taught free lessons to Salvation Army campers...

Malik and Dolon Win Again

Malik and Dolon had some great meets on the weekend of February 22 & 23! Malik went to Huntville for Southeasterns.  He got 3 best times and he placed 17th on the 50 Breaststroke which means he is the 17th fastest 10 and under boy in Tennessee, Alabama, and The...

SEASTARS Scores Medals

Everyone stepped up and did great again at the Region 4 Championship Meet! NEVER have we medaled at this meet and this year we earned 5! So proud of this team! Malik is headed to Huntsville for Southeastern Swimming Championship Meet next week and he WON the...

SEASTARS Do Spring Cleaning a Little Early

February's Community Service was to do a complete cleaning of the pool, pool deck, locker rooms, showers, toilets, pump room, swim equipment and dry land equipment.  We had a huge turn out of swimmers, parents, and SEASTARS supporters!  We were able to get all of the...

I Support the Girls donates swimsuits to SEASTARS

The organization "I Support the Girls" of Gulf Coast donated over 300 Summersalt swimsuits to SEASTARS Aquatics!  Thank you for contributing to the growth and success of the Gulf Coast youth!

January SEASTARS Community Service

January community service was Timing for the UWF Women's Swim Meet. Every September they come and help with our Fun Friday and every January we help time swimmers for this meet. We have a great relationship with the UWF Argo Swimmers and are super happy to help cheer...

SEASTARS Volunteers for Salvation Army

December community service was Ringing the Bell for The Salvation Army at Cordova Mall. We have been doing this for over 8 years. We wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Love how our team gives back to those who need it...

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USA Swimming Safe Sport

To deal with a Safe Sport concern, contact USA Swimming at (719) 866-4578

Contact the U.S.Center for Safe Sport to make a report. Call 720-524-5640, use the online reporting form, or find more information at

USA Swimming’s Safe Sport is a comprehensive abuse prevention program designed to keep our children safe so they can enjoy their time in the water. Required policies to be considered a Safe Sport recognized team include: mandatory criminal background checks for all employees; training and education for swimmers, parents, and coaches; monitoring, supervision and mandatory reporting of misconduct.  These measures are informed by experts in the field of child safety and are among the strongest safeguards found in youth-serving organizations.