Seastars is so beyond proud of DD!  Jawone Fieles Blankenship started swimming with us when he was 11. His path had lots of ups and downs, but he was one of my few to make Southeastern cuts when the team was young,  He taught free lessons to Salvation Army campers (his peers), then progressed to teaching lessons for us. He was a novice coach for a few years. He has had jobs life-guarding for The YMCA and Sam’s Fun City. DD is just finishing up his Freshman season at Delta State and is headed to Nationals in 13 days! He even got to swim an exhibition 50 free and beat his SEASTARS best from a 22.56 to a 22.30! Much ♥️, DD! Thanks for always coming to visit and being a positive role model for all the little SEASTARS swimmers now!