The University of West Florida swimming and diving team volunteered its time last month with the SEASTARS Aquatics team in Pensacola, helping to teach local children more about the sport that they love.

SEASTARS offers underprivileged and special needs children in Pensacola an opportunity to swim for free, while also giving back and teaching the children in their neighborhood the same lessons that they learned themselves.

The mission of SEASTARS Aquatics, which uses the Salvation Army Community Pool on Q Street in Pensacola, is to promote and foster the success and growth of children who are economically, physically, and mentally challenged by providing individualized attention as a part of a structured competitive swim team program. To improve the quality of life for challenged children by developing successful student-athlete skills. These skills help aid their pursuit of higher education and achievement of life goals.

The Argonauts have made spending time with the SEASTARS an annual event, visiting the program each fall since the UWF team was established in 2013. The visits come full circle in January when SEASTARS members assist at a home meet on the UWF campus.

UWF swimming & diving program continued its work to improve the Pensacola community and assist with offering the local children a safe and fun activity to participate in.