May 31 through June 2nd was the First Annual Seastars Aquatics Team Trip to the 2019 Water World Classic Swim Meet in Dothan, AL.  On Friday, Good Time Tours transported the team to Vortex Springs for an afternoon of fun, friendship and relaxation!  Then we were off to Holiday Inn Express in Dothan to rest and prepare for the meet on Saturday and Sunday. 

Seastars competed against 10 other teams in Dothan at the 2019 Water World Classic and took 1st place overall!  It’s been a great trip and I am so proud of the swims, positive attitudes, and amazing connections this team has had the past 2 days. Makes my heart so happy and proud! I’ve been wanting to do this for 15 years, all the wait and this weekend COULD NOT HAVE BEEN ANY MORE PERFECT! Go, SEASTARS! #