PENSACOLA, Florida, September 25.  The West Florida Argonaut swim team recently took a quick trip to SEASTARS Aquatics in their home town of Pensacola to lend a helping hand.  With head coach Andrew Hancock leading the way, the Argonauts had a fun day at the pool. For a quick refresher, SEASTARS Aquatics is a free swim team for underprivileged and disabled youths in Pensacola.  Head coach Robin Heller was on the Morning Swim Show with host Jeff Commings a year ago to talk about the origins of the team, and why Pensacola was chosen as the place to start a team that would target minorities on free and reduced-lunch programs in school. She also talked about the classroom improvements the swimmers have made, attributing their good grades in part to their participation in swimming.

Here’s a link to Swimming World Magazine’s article and to two videos: One of UWF’s time with the SEASTARS, the other Coach Robin’s interview from last years Morning Show with Jeff Commings

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