Dear Robin,
Congratulations on being a recipient of a 2015 USA Swimming Foundation Make a Splash grant!
The competition for this year’s grants was stronger than ever; we had 155 applications to support well-thought-out programs across the country. With the available funds from the USA Swimming Foundation, our grant review committee was able to award 50 grants to Local Partners in 23 states across the country!
The USA Swimming Foundation appreciates all that you are doing in your community to promote water safety and the importance of learning to swim. We believe that the program you designed for 2015 will make an impact in your community and will save lives. Our goal for the USA Swimming Foundation’s Make a Splash grants is to provide seed funds for programs to become self-sustaining. With help from the USA Swimming Foundation and the local partnerships you have formed, we believe you are on your way to having a program that is ongoing and will leave a legacy in your community. In an effort to help build more programs like yours around the country, by supporting as many of our Local Partner programs as possible, your awarded grant may be less than the amount requested. We believe that the program you have built is, or has the potential to be, strong enough to be successful in soliciting funds and sponsorships from local organizations that are committed to having your program live on in their community. The USA Swimming Foundation will continue to support your program by providing you with marketing tools, giveaway items, and resources provided by our growing Affiliate Coalition. We appreciate your support of our philosophy and approach to the grant program.
On behalf of the USA Swimming Foundation, thank you for all that you do to promote water safety and the need to learn to swim to the children, parents, and community leaders in your area. Together, we are helping save lives and build champions!
Tina and Harriett